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24.7 – 30.9.2018

Brazilian naive artist Luciana Mariano

Luciana Mariano is a south american naive painter from Brazil. Born in São Paulo, on March 24th 1971, she descends of Italian and Portuguese immigrants and is in the 3rd generation of self-taught artists of her family. Her grandma, mother and uncle were artists and growing up among paints, palettes and brushes, she painted since early childhood but never thought of her paintings as “art”. In fact, she considered it so silly and personal that all her paintings were destroyed shortly after finishing. In 2008 after a period of personal turmoil and depression her production became so intense that she didn’t have the time to destroy the paintings and this excess material became her first exhibition. From 2008 and 2018 she produced intensively and showed her paintings in many places like Brazil, Chile, USA, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, England and Finland. For 10 years she was dedicated to naive art, producing more than 600 pieces. In 2018 she moved to Finland and decided to take a career break. Her last official exhibition will take place in Viljandi, Estonia at the Kondase Keskus.

The collection created for Kondase Keskus is all about the feminine universe, its strengths and challenges, the delicate beauty and the curses of being a woman.