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The Kondas Centre is an art centre in Viljandi founded in the year 2003. It’s main area of activity is naive and outsider art and it is dedicated to one of Estonia’s best known naivists Paul Kondas (1900-1985).

The centre is situated in the vicarage of Jaani (St. John´s) Church in the close neighbourhood of ruins of Viljandi’s Order Castle. The permanent exhibition contains paintings of Paul Kondas.

Three smaller exhibition rooms besides the permanent exhibition rooms are mainly used for short-term (4-6 weeks) exhibitions of contemporary art and outsider-art but also for specific thematic exhibitions. In addition to making exhibitions, the centre collects all kind of information about naive artists in Estonia.

The Kondas Centre is financed by the Viljandi Town Government, in addition it’s activities are supported by the Association of Local Authorities of Viljandi County, the Estonian Cultural Capital and the Estonian Gambling Tax Board

Since the year 2007 there are 8 big concrete strawberries decorating Viljandi. The Town Government placed the strawberries so that their tails are pointing in the direction of The Kondas Centre. Strawberry has become the symbol for The Kondas Centre, the idea arising from one of Paul Kondas’s best known paintings – “Strawberry eaters” (1965).

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