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Linda Lepik was born in 1904 in Kolga-Jaani parish, Oorgu village. She lived all her life in Oorgu village at Rilli farmstead. She got an 8-year-long education by learning in various places.

After kolkhozes were established, Linda Lepik worked as a stockbreeder in Kolga-Jaani. When she became pensioner, Lepik started to participate in distance learning courses in Tartu. Artist Silvia Jõgever was her teacher.

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With her watercolor and gouache paintings Lepik was the purest naïvist among those, who finished these distance courses. She painted mostly landscapes, where a concrete impression of surrounding nature is mixed with fantasy. Her works are characterized by a slight touch of impressionism.

Linda Lepik successfully participated in fanciers exhibition „Au tööle“ in Tallinn and Moskva. Her landscapes were exhibited in 1987-88 in Estonian Museum of Art and at the big Estonian Naivists exhibition. Artist left the major part of her work in the rooms of Art Museum of Tartu, were art courses were held. Linda Lepik died in 1988.

At 2004 the Art Museum of Tartu deposited 33 works by Linda Lepik to the Kondas Centre and in 2005 relatives presented to the centre some other works.