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Mixed mediums



In 1991 Viljandi Culture College started teaching prop and stage designers – this may be regarded as the beginning of the Curriculum of Theatre Technical Arts. Throughout the 25 years these specialities have evolved in time, keeping up to date with the global environment of the performing arts. Thanks to the fact that the Culture Academy teaches directors, choreographers, actors and dancers, the students and lecturers have had a chance to constantly communicate and co-operate with professionals in the other fields, meaning that there has been a lot of synthesis between the overlapping disciplines. This shared field of mixed mediums within the school environment is actually a small but realistic replica of the real performing arts world, which waits for the graduates outside the academy. All in all the goal of the curriculum has been to educate universally-skilled specialists who are able to work within different contexts using different mediums.

This is also why this exhibition boasts various mediums, be it more unconcealed or concealed, combined with other media or alone in itself. Some of the materials represented are: skin, foam, paper, beads, wool, veneer, acrylic vax and paint, plaster, wood, as well as photo, video, lighting… we could go on and on. At any rate, in the process of combining different media new meanings develop – this is also the way a stage is created in the theatre.

The works exhibited here are not props from specific theatre shows, but individual pieces of art, which were created for the sake of creating something playful and something, which is related to theatre technical arts. The exhibiting artists who have graduated from the the prop and stage designer specialty of the Curriculum of  Theatre Technical Arts’ are Ave Maser, Terje Kiho, Eve Komissarov, Annika Aedma, Evelin Vassar, Grete Saluste, Pille Lumiste, Kaido Torn, Elise Nigul. They have also asked previous and current lecturers Kersti Rattus, Silvi Kard, Mare Hunt, Krista Tool and Lee Reinula-Stern to join the show.

Text compiled by Gregor Taul.

Repro: Terje Kiho (studied 1991–1995) butaphoric bust “Maria” (mixed media, 2013).

Kondas Centre is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10-17. The exhibition runs until the 5th of March after which we’ll open an exhibition of works by the current students of the same curriculum. Our exhibitions are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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