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Maria-Kristiina Ulas “Cuts for a View”


Maria-Kristiina Ulas “Cuts for a View”


7th of June – 13th of July 2014



Maria-Kristiina Ulas (b 1965) is a well-known Estonian artist who has been active since the beginnings of 1990s. She has exhibited both paintings, graphic and silhouette art. This time Ulas will exhibit her latest lazer and paper cuts.


She says:


I cut again after a while.

I cut some black paper and I saw how images complemented each other and how they changed and developed.

My favourite motives appeared: moments that I have seen, drawn or painted.

Cut one’s soul, cut one’s being, cut one’s personality. From nothing to visible. Dynamic inside, yet outside.

For a while I felt happy enough when I looked at my students working, cutting miraculous pieces. Awe.

Its variety inspires. A long history. The first paper cut known to us comes from the 6th Century China.

Mon in Japan, wycinanki in Poland, Scherenschnitte in Germany, knippen in Holland.

Etienne de Silhouette, the French Minister of Finance with his black silhouettes.

Eveline von Maydell. Her neat papercuts are on show at Kadriorg Art Museum.


Papercutting is still popular. The Internet is full of such artists. Full of rich inner worlds.

I have made it to woodcuts. I cut creatures who need to have a form.

I have created a set of lazer cuts for this exhibition. These silhouettes were born out of sudden ideas.


Lazer, saw or scissor cuts – you need to delve into it.