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Alexander Pavlovitch Lobanov

Lobanov is an authentic figure of «art brut», the latest great discovery to date. He was born in 1924, in Mologa, URSS, a small town which was to be suck in gradually from 1940 onward by the filling up of the Rybinsk dam (the Big Works – VPK – financed by Stalin since 1932, which will be carried out by the prisoners of the Volga goulags). In 1937 Lobanov’ family took refuge in Iaroslavl, less than 200 km North-East of Moscow on the Volga river. Alexandre who became deaf and dumb between 3 and 5 years old could not be taken on by his mother any longer, because he was handicapped – he will be put under restraint in 1945, then moved to Afonino where he will die in 2003.

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After one period of great violence, around 1963, he begins a creative work in drawing and in 1965, he will work with Guenady, the hospital driver, who will bring him to Iaroslavl to have his photo taken. His work will be recognized only in 1999. He therefore acquired a pension and an “identity card”. Since then, owing to the recognition on the worldwide market and the legal gap concerning this type of expression, his work is at stake in many covetousnesses. The work of Aleksander P. Lobanov is all the more interesting because it reveals the gist of the Soviet iconography by confronting it to his psychic disease.