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HEINO VESKIMÄE’s coloured wooden statues

Folk artist Heino Veskimäe is born in 1925 in Lääne-Virumaa, near Laekvere. During his school years his teacher thought, that Veskimäe could learn art, but he himself wanted to become a driver instead, because then he could “see the world”. Most of his working life was spent behind the steering wheel, but before he retired, he earned his living at Volta lumber shop-floor in Türi-Alliku.

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Heino Veskimäe has carved statues in front of his kitchen stove for the past few decades. He is a good craftsman, who depicts whatever he likes at the moment. After reading the Estonian national epic “Kalevipoeg” he depicted the essential scenes and after seeing the beloved Estonian film “The Last Relic” (1969) he made 38 scenes from there. Besides those, he likes to carve athletes, ballerinas, ballroom dancers and people doing old farm works.

He has never had any exhibitions. In fact, he has never visited one either.