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Pirkko Rahkonen´s patchworks

Finnish textile artist Pirkko Rahkonen´s patchworks

A Thousand and One Nights“



Pirkko Rahkonen is as colourful a person as her patchworks. After graduating from secondary school she studied fashion in London, then returned to Finland to work as a fashion designer in her family business, „Lollipop.“

After retirement she dedicated herself to her patchwork art. She uses a sewing machine but spends a lot of time sewing patches on patches by hand.

She uses a variety of materials, from valuable velvet to used sweaters. She has said that the most important part of her work is the pleasure from the process and fitting different colours togther. „The colours always make my decisions. My patches go through the sieves; at first I make general choices, then more detailed. Sometimes I draw the exact design in actual size and make the cuts.“

She has exhibited in different places in Finland. From 1996 she has been exhibited in her home gallery „Rosholm.” It has enriched Porvoo art life for many years.

Rahkonen has also taught patchwork and paier mache work in Tansania, Africa.

She created series of carpets with exotic animals which were inspired by Tansanian nature.

Her works have been sold into different countries throughout the world: USA, Australia, and many European countries.

The present exhibition is inspired by the fairy tale „A Thousand and One Nights.“

The exhibition is opened until 22 of July.