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“Naivistit Iittalassa”

From the summer exhibition “Naivistit Iittalassa” held in Finland three artist are inviteted to the Kondas Centre this time – Katja Mesikämmen (mixed media, graphics), Raija Nokkala (painting) and Eino Viikilä (sculpture)

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“Naivistit Iittalassa” takes place in Iittala on Aira and Kalev Heinänen’s initiative already for the 19th time and there are no signs of subsidence. On the contrary – more and more people are visiting the summer exhibition, which is held in an old schoolhouse, yearly and by the beginning of August about 80% of the exhibited paintings have been sold. There are 33 artists with about 500 works participating in the year 2007, most of the works are paintings, but there are also graphics, sculptures and assemblages. A great deal of the offered works are rejected every year. The artists chosen for the exhibition are mostly semi-professionals, whose creations are far from our notions of naive art, resembling foremostly book illustrations.

One can find everything in the production of “The Artists of Iittala” – mild humour, childlikeness, dreamlikeness and situational comedy. If the artists of the older generation see “naive art” in rural life – in the motives of potato fields and red houses, then the younger ones find material in urbam milieu or the wide world.

15.06. – 28.09.2007