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Latvian naive art

Karlis Lusis and Marija Luse

This exhibition introduces the little fragment of Latvian naive art – the works of Karlis Lusis and Marija Luse. And also their bright world in village of Vilzeni in Braslava Parish.

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Karlis Lusis (1937) and Marija Luse (1942) live on Vilzeni farmstead in Braslava Parish, Limbaži District.

Karlis Lusis has worked as machanizer. He has been carving his roughly-shaped but very original and vital miniature sculptures from logs using his pocket knife since 1996, working in winter, when there is no farm work to do. Most commonly these are people in a variety of hats, differing in character and temperament, and all the works are carefully painted. His approach to miniature sculpture comes very close to the painted figures of traditional Lithuanian and Polish woodcraving, though the artist has no knowledge of the naive art of these people. Lusis has built a special hut for displaying his sculpture, where numberless wooden figurines line the shelves inside.

His wife Marija has been painting small-size landscapes in mild colours. She also writes poems. Her first exibition was in gallery of Istaba in Riga and here, in Viljandi take place her second exhibition.